Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

GM contamination and food sovereignty

Case studies on the threats from GM contamination to rural livelihoods

Organiser: Rudolph Buntzel, Protestant Church Development Service (EED), Germany

The Workshop deals with the threat of GMO-crops on rural livelihoods, especially for the neighborhood farming community in GM-intensive regions. Empirical studies from different developing countries are presented together with reports of farmers, who have been affected by growing GM-crops, either because they failed to fulfill their promises or because their own fields have been contaminated by the drift of GM constructs. The reports is supplemented by a statement of a German scientist of biotechnology, who is close to the biotech industry, and by a theologian reflexion on the issue. 

Draft Programme:
1.)  Theological Introduction by Rev. Markus Harke, Rural Chapel of the Church
Audio file (mp3, 5 MB, German)

2.)  Case Studies of JAP-Partners of EED:
Food Aid in Southern Africa, by Andrew Mushita, CTDT/ Zimbabwe
Presentation (English)   Audio File (mp3, 6 MB, English)

Maize in Mexico, by Cati Marielle, GEA/Mexico
Presentation (Spanish)   Audio File (mp3, 7 MB, Spanish)

Maize on the Philippines, by Victoria Lopez, SIBAT/Philippines
Presentation (English)    Audio File (mp3, 8 MB, English)

3.)  Response by Dr. Hans-Jörg Jacobsen, University of Hannover
Audio File (mp3, English): Part 1 (6 MB)   Part 2 (1 MB)

4.)  Voices of Farmers affected from GMOs
Massangari Narsamma and Begari Laxmi, Farmers from India/DDS speak out on Cotton
Presentation (English)

Teofanes Josefina,  Farm Woman from Mexico speaks out on Maize

JAP/EED, Farmer from Brazil/AS-PTA speaks out on Soja
Presentation (English/Brasilian)

5.)  General  Discussion

6.)  Summary by Antonio Andrioli, Brazil

Chair: Rudi Buntzel and Kirsten Gade, EED

simultaneous translation: German, English, Spanish

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Background Papers and further reading

Research on the Socio-Economic Impact of GMO Incursion on the LUMADS of Mindanao, Philippines
By Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiya (SIBAT) Inc. In cooperation with Center for Lumad Advancement (CLAN)
With the support of Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst – Joint Advocacy Program on Genetic Engineering & Food Sovereignty (EED-JAP), June 2007

  • INTRODUCTION: The Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao: the Lumads, Traditional Farming among the Lumads, Green Revolution,  The present agricultural landscape, The Entry of GM Corn in Mindanao
  • RESEARCH PROBLEM, OBJECTIVES AND METHODS: Research Objectives, Research Methodology and Time Frame
  • SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE OF TARGET BARANGAYS AND FOCUS VILLAGES: Barangay Spring, Alabel Municipality and Barangay Lun Padidu in Malapatan Municipality, Socio-Economic Conditions of Bgys. Spring and Lun Padidu, Adoption of Hybrid and Bt Corn, Sample Sitio: Sitio Nop
  • FINDINGS OF THE RESEARCH: Comparative Study on Productivity, Economic Impact, Debt Pattern, Tenurial Issues and Poverty, Implications on Farmer Seed Resources, Traditional Farming Practices

Pictures from Teofanes Josefina, Mexico


LMOs have already caused damages

GM-Contamination and Food SovereigntyContaminations par les OGMs et souveraineté alimentaireGenkontaminierung und NahrungssouveränitätGM contaminación y soberanía alimenticia

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