Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

Urban gardens and urban agriculture

innovative, inter-cultural ways to combat hunger and alienation and promote urban diversity

Organiser: Severin Halder, AS-PTA, Brazil / Germany

Ableman Michael, Fairview Gardens, USA

The existence of gardens and agriculture within cities, seems to be something extraordinary, an exception outside the common urban environment. But if we look closely into the history of man, gardens and agriculture always existed within the cities. In the last decades the scientific and political discussion about urban agriculture and urban gardens gained more importance and so the urban farmers and gardeners became more visible.
The practice of urban gardening and urban agriculture can contribute to solve various types of specifically urban as well as other global problems. In the discussions about combating hunger, environmental and social problems, biodiversity, organic and non-GMO agriculture within other discussions, the urban cultivations (in the global south like in the global north) plays an important role. So it is evident that in the search of sustainable development we have to consider urban gardening and urban agriculture as a crucial part. Even though urban gardens and agriculture may serve as a solution for (urban) development problems, the gardeners and farmers see themselves confronted with a lot of obstacles. 

The workshop “Urban Gardens and Urban Agriculture” wants to create an interactive platform for exchanging experiences gained in various types of urban gardening and urban agriculture. The workshop is designed to give opportunity to urban farmers, gardeners, promoters and scientists who work in this field to share their experiences and create new collaborations and networks. We hope to invite people from all over the world to share their experiences to get a global overview. We ask all interested people to bring seeds, products, books, texts, photos and videos relating to the topic to facilitate the exchange of impressions and experiences. (We would be glad to receive a maximum of this material by e-mail in advance). Let´s make our workshop a colourful market!
We hope the workshop can contribute to the recent discussion and create an creative atmosphere for exchange of experiences, network creating and future collaboration.

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