Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

Genetically Engineered Trees

Connection to agro-fuels, impacts on forests, campaigning the CBD

Organiser: Anne Petermann (Global Justice Ecology Project)

Ricarda Steinbrecher, (EcoNexus, Federation of German Scientists),
Lucy Sharrat (Canadian Biotechnology Action Network),
Orin Langelle (Global Forest Coalition, STOP GE Trees Campaign).

Frankentrees Invade UN Biodiversity Convention. Photo by Langelle GJEP-GFC

Goals of workshop:
1)    Introduce participants to the potential social and ecological impacts of genetically engineered trees; counter the propaganda being used by industry to promote GE trees
2)    Explain the interconnections between agrofuels and GE trees and their potential impacts on forests and forest-dependent communities
3)    Give an overview of which countries are pursuing the technology, which have open-air field trials, and which plan to export GE trees for plantations in other countries
4)    Prepare participants for the Convention on Biological Diversity COP-9 where campaigners from around the world will be petitioning the CBD for a global moratorium against the release of GE trees into the environment
5)    Create a plan of action for the CBD COP-9 regarding GE trees

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