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GMOs in Asia

“Biotech mega-diverse” countries in Asia: Are we losing the battle against GMOs?

Organiser(s): Elizabeth Cruzada, MASIPAG and Yoke Ling Chee, Third World Network

Ryoko Shimizu No! GMO campaign, Japan
Building the consumer anti-GMO Movement in JapanNO! GMO Campaign
Melissa Yeoh  Pesticides Action Network Asia & the Pacific
THE “SAVE OUR RICE CAMPAIGN” - Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific
Lee M. Aruelo, Esq. Associate Third World Network (TWN) - Asia Program, Philippines
Current Trends and Issues on GMOs in the Philippines

In this workshop we discuss the status of GM crop commercialization in three so-called "top biotech mega-diverse countries" in Asia: India, China and the Philippines - the aggressive expansion of GM and how farm production systems and financing schemes have been altered to force farmers into the expensive and invasive technologies.

We also analyze how institutions such as the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) have manipulated media and the science community and "convinced" local and national governments to customize laws, regulations and the implementation of state agricultural programs.
The objective is an action-oriented workshop that will take a hard look at the GM take-over in our fields and in our national institutions, to help us take decisive steps forward in our campaigns and in the building of strategic alliances in the Asian region and within our countries.

Participants are encouraged to bring their experiences and lessons in campaigning against GM crops and dealing with seed laws, government, media and the scientist community, and their ideas in linking these efforts and creating a critical momentum at the Asian level.

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Background Papers and further reading

Proceedings of the seminar on GE Crop Risk Assessment, Hosted by Pesticide Eco-Alternatives Center in cooperation with Pesticide Action Network, Asia Pacific, Kunming, Yunnan PRC
June 8-9, 2006
Report Author: Ms. Even Pay
Table of Contents:

  • GE crops in China: Viewpoints, Presented by Prof Kuang Rongping, PEAC
  • The Basics of Biotechnology and Potential Human Health Effects, Presented by Dr. Michael Hansen, Consumers Union
  • Potential Human Health Effects of Bt crops: Immunogenicity and Allergenicity, Presented by Dr. Hansen
  • Introduction to China’s Bio-safety Legislation, Presented by Ms. Sun Jing, PEAC
  • An Evaluation of GE crops and Food Safety in China, Presented by Dr. Yang Xiaoguang, China Center for Disease Control
  • GE Cotton Ecological Risk Assessment: The Status of Research in China, Presented by Mr. Yang Song, PEAC staff and PhD candidate
  • Bt Cotton: The Experience of India, Presented by Mr. Oswald Quintal, Kudumbam, LEISA network
  • A Case Study of GE and Traditional Cotton in China’s Xinjiang Province, Presented by Mr. Mao Zhoungshun, PEAC
  • GE Rice in Asia, Presented by Mr. Karsten Wolff, PAN AP
  • Sustainable Rice Cultivation in India: an Alternative to GE Rice, Presented by Mr. Oswald Quintal
  • International Economic Aspects of GE Crops, Presented by Dr. Michael Hansen
  • Small-Group Discussion: GE Crops Concepts and Understanding
  • Action Planning
  • Closing Summary, Presented by Prof. Kuang Rongping, PEAC
GMOs in AsiaLes OGMs en AsieGVOs in AsienTransgénicos en Asia

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