Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

Can organic farming feed the world?

Case studies and global assessments on sustainable alternatives to industrial farming

Organisers: Rudi Buntzel, Protestant Church Development Service, EED, Germany and Louise Luttikholt, IFOAM, Germany

Sustainable farming methods of different formats to practice organic agriculture is a success story around the world. Empirical case studies from 3 diffent continets from the micro-level will proof this case. Practical farmers from developing countries will give evidence about their way to practice alternative  farming methods. The claim will be made that organic farming can be a modell not only for the local level, but also for a sustainable food supply system in the world. A scientist from an international agricultural research institute (IFPRI) will have the chance to challenge that claim.

Draft Programme:
Opening: Ms. Claudia Warning, Director EED/President VENRO
Audio File (mp3, 1,7 MB. English)

1.) Theological Introduction:  Rev. Wilfried Steen, Board Member EED
Audio File (mp3, 6 MB, English)

2.)  Organic Farming can be a solution – Case studies from JAP-Partners from EED
Alphonce Katunci, Inades/Tanzania
Rita Surita, CAPPA/Brazil
Safaruddin Siregar, Bitra/Indonesia

3.)  We feed the World with organic
Christina Grandi, IFOAM

4.) Reaction by IFPRI (International Food Research Institute, Washington)
Jose Falck-Zepeda

5.) Farmers speak out about their experiences
Saraswatibai S. Gaikwad, Indian Farm Women from IIRD
Ternur Gogoberidze, Georgian Farmer from ELKANA
Sjima Das Shimu, Bangladesh Farm Woman from UBINIG
Jonston Matungwa, Tanzanian Farmer from PELUM

Farmers' experiences Audio File (mp3, 68 MB, English, German, Brazilian)

6.)    General Discussion

7.)    Summary by P.V. Satheesh, DDS/India

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Background Papers and further reading

Who feeds the world?
Publisher: Church Development Service. An Association of the Protestant Churches in Germany (EED), Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst e.V. , May 2008
The return of the peasants
Tanzania: The crazy innovators from Dodoma
Indonesia: peasants and the world market
Brazil: The value of agriculture
Tail wind for peasant agriculture
Poverty Reduction by Promotion of Small-holder Agriculture

¿Quién alimenta al mundo? La agricultura campesina tiene futuro
Editor: Servicio de las Iglesias Evangélicas en Alemania para el Desarrollo (EED)– Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst e. V., 2008
El retorno de los campesinos
Tanzania: los locos de Dodoma
Indonesia: los pequeños productores y el mercado mundial
Brasil: el valor de la agricultura
Tercera parte: apoyo para la agricultura campesina
La lucha contra la pobreza por medio del fomento de las pequeñas empresas de agricultura campesina


Can Organic Farming Feed the World?L'agriculture Bio peut-elle nourrir tout le monde?Kann ökologischer Landbau die Welt ernähren?¿Puede la agricultura orgánica alimentar al mundo?

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