Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

Wednesday, 14 May, 11:30-16:00

Can organic farming feed the world? organised by EED, IFOAM and Partners

Codex Alimentarius and GMOs organised by Greenpeace, Washington Biotechnology Action Council

Nanotechnology and synthetic biology organised by the Platform Health and Environment

GMOs in Africa

GMOs in Asia

GMOs in Latin America organised by the Fundacion Sociedades Sustentables

GMOs in Europe organised by Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth

GMOs in Australo-Pacific organised by the Conservation Council of Western Australia, GE Free New Zealand

No Patent on Life organised by Scouting Biotechnology and "No Patents on Life"

On-farm and in-garden seed conservation and education organised by Arche Noah

Benefit sharing? Legitimising the Commodification of Nature and Knowledge organised by Thanal and the African Centre for Biosafety

Knowledge Transfer among Generations organised by students from University of Kassel, Organic Agricultural Sciences Witzenhausen

Wednesday 14 MayMercredi 14 maiMittwoch 14. MaiMiércoles, 14 de mayo

Local Organising Committee