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2 horses and a carriage

Vita Activa 8000 km anti-GMO tour

Maria und Markus Schlegel

A tour around Europe against GMOs

Despite strong opposition from a vast majority of Europeans, genetically modified organisms continue to be introduced into the food chain. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the impression that politicians and citizens alike are powerless against the multi national corporations and their lobbyists. We want to help overcome this sense of helplessness with a somewhat unusual project.

We will travel with a wooden carriage from lake Constance to the south of Spain, and return via Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and Berlin, Germany – more than 8000 kilometres. Using the appealing image of our two black horses and the carriage, we want to attract people’s curiosity, sympathy, and interest for our project.

It is our aim to publicise the many advantages of organic and biodynamic farming. We want to illustrate the many risks and dangers of genetically modified plants and animals, and to show the consumer the damaging impact of extensive industrial conventional farming methods upon our environment and health.

We wish to work with and bring together many organisations and experts in this field. Through discussions, in schools and at public events we will arrange for lectures and seminars to be held on the topics of health and diet, and the connection between agriculture and environmental concerns. Together with politicians, scientists and farmers we will develop common political proposals and demands for a GMO-free Europe, which will be presented to the appropriate government offices in Berlin and Brussels. The start of the 14-monht journey will be on July 20. 2008 in Überlingen on the North shore of Lake Constance. Our progress can be followed through a multi-language website, which will be kept up to date with photos, videos and reports of events and our travels.

Two black horses and a carriageTwo black horses and a carriageTwo black horses and a carriageTwo black horses and a carriage

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