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Rainwater harvesting

Authors Name: Preeti Elhence
Organisation: Janhit Foundation

Every drop of an ocean, a leaf from a forest, a face on this planet, needs to be saved. To repay what I take for my sustenance led me to join ‘Janhit Foundation’ an NGO with like minded people working since 1998.

Our work for the drop of the ocean was in Meerut district, which is in the NCR region of India’s capital city Delhi. Some localities here didn’t have water supply, ground water was of undrinkable quality. Resolving the problem, the first ‘Rain harvesting centre’ of northern India was set up. It’s a museum and laboratory rolled into one. Our intention is to rebuild a society of ‘water literates’ who will lead in the movement of conserving water.

Water problem is closely linked with agricultural practices. Monoculture in farming and excessive use of pesticides and insecticides depletes and degrades our natural resources. We advocate ‘Organic Farming’ through bio pesticides made from local weeds, neem and wheat. Organic manure LADEP is developed by us. Installation of low cost water technologies like drip irrigation, rain guns and sprinkler systems to irrigate fields help in the judicious use of water.

‘Bio- diversity parks’ have been set up at Meerut and two schools of Muzzafarnagar. Aim is to conserve the biodiversity capital of the community which is essential for sustainable development. Promoting the planting of herbal and aromatic plants we might just save a leaf in the forest, but it is our earnest endeavor towards leaving behind a healthier planet.

We take aid of an ancient system of Ayurveda called ‘Agnihotra or Homa therapy’. It’s a healing fire from the ancient science an antidote for the problems we have created for ourselves and nature. It cleanses the negative effects of pollution and creates a pure atmosphere.

We strongly feel on these issues and have to our credit various publications. We hope people all over the world would wake up to their duties and work towards it to make a difference.

Rainwater harvestingRainwater harvestingRainwater harvestingRainwater harvesting

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