Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

Planet Diversity begins with the diversity of our landscapes and culture

Author: Mykhaylo Kapshtyk
Organisation: NGO “Training and Coordination Centre of Agricultural Advisory Services“
Contact: mykhaylo.kapshtyk(at)
Phone: +38 067 231 68 80

During the last few days I have been travelling together with Irish investors through the Carpathian Mountains from the Uzhgorod to Ivano-Frankivsk and Vinnitsa enjoying the diversity of landscapes, soils, traditions, cultures and kitchen. In the Ukrainian region of TransCarpatia there are approximately 100 various ethnographic groups of people with various cultures and traditions living together peacefully. That is how I have a corn porridge, the so called Carpathian Banush for breakfast yesterday and a Hungarian soup for lunch. Later, I had Bulgarian salad Shopskiy and Caucasian barbecue Shahslik for the dinner. Even very famous Ukrainian Borsch is very variable in 25 regions of Ukraine. You can test very rich and tasty Ukrainian dishes and enjoy its diversity by travelling along Ukraine from West to East and from North to South. You can find a diversity of lifestyle in each region of Ukraine. One week ago there was a very important event on organic agriculture development in Ukraine. The International conference on the organic sector development in Central/Eastern European and Central Asian countries was held in Kiev. On the one hand it was a successful event that contributed significantly to the development of organic industry in Ukraine. However, on the other hand it was a great pity as many important organic stakeholders both from Ukraine and International projects were rejected from making presentations or even to ask questions to the speakers. So, there is a danger of one-sided development of organic agriculture in Ukraine through the domination of the representative so called “Organic Federation of Ukraine“. It does remind me of the old Russian story: somebody tries do share the skin of a bear that is not hunted yet. So, my life is a constant struggle for pride and honesty. I don’t like to be dictated and dominated. For example, after the orange revolution I did apply to the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine to protect our department of soil science and soil conservation against the dictates of the administration of the National Agricultural University. Unfortunately, it was not very effective, and I did lost my part time employment in the University because the people at the administration did not like any opinion contrary to the Rector's. In spite of this, we continue to work in field of soil diversity conservation, development of soil conservation and organic agriculture technologies that are very friendly to the biodiversity and planet diversity as a whole. Therefore, I am forced to have the diversity even in job related to the agriculture and rural development: I did occupy various working place in agricultural advisory service, farmer association, international projects, university and agricultural researches. I and our community life with such animals as cows, pigs, horses, gooses, ducks and chickens. We have a various climatic, soil and vegetation zones in Ukraine: forest best, forest steppe, steppe and dry steppe zones and two mountain region in Carpathia and Crimea with a number of vertical zones as well. I like oak and beach trees and their different varieties that differ in the mountains and in the plains. I like the natural smell of oak tree and green spring meadow as well. Also, I like the smell and taste of fresh sunflower and rape oil. I like folk and variety music of Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and other neighboring countries as well. Also, I like modern music of Ireland and Sweden. My dreams is to open an organic restaurant and to implement a new state policy in Ukraine which presuppose ecological priority to any business, industrial and agricultural activity. These dream might be realized through the aspirations and support from my family and colleagues and foreign partners. I try to assist any innovative initiatives that come from Ukrainian and Foreign investors that are friendly to environmental and social development of rural communities.

Planet Diversity starts with the diversity of our landscapes and culturePlanet Diversity starts with the diversity of our landscapes and culturePlanet Diversity starts with the diversity of our landscapes and culturePlanet Diversity starts with the diversity of our landscapes and culture

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