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Determination helps in her success

A small initiative by a tribal lady to ban GM crops in Orissa

Author: Mrs. Rambati Pujari
Organisation: Nari Sugyani Samaj

Mrs. Rambati Pujari was born in Kotpad Block of Koraput district in Orissa, India. Her mother's name is Kondapujari and her father's name is Sanatan Pujari. She was born on 01.01.1975.

After her early social life as a development activist, Mrs. Ramabati Pujari contested for the post of Sarapanch of Dhamanahandi Village Panchayat in the year 2007, but unfortunately she was defeated. However she helped in bringing government works amounting to 3.75 Lakh Rupees for 8 villages, old age/widow pension to 150 people & death benefits to 12 people of this panchayat. Including this she helped in providing the government family welfare benefits to pregnant mothers. She was taking care of anganwadi children also. Currently she has sent orphans and poor children to Ashram Vidyalayas.

She has also taken the burden of supervising works by the Labour Card holders under NREGA, Polio Vaccination programme, Literacy Programmes and Social Awareness in her locality. She is helping in popularizing the use of herbal medicines, organic farming and influencing villagers to avoid Bt GM crop seeds by telling them of its disadvantages. She was married to Nabina Purjari.

She has been trained by THREAD, and she is one of the many leaders of the women’s movement ORISSA NARI SAMAJ who inspite of her defeat in the self autonous government due the fanatic religious political party goondaism continue to work for the movement.

She is one of the leaders to fight against the GM seeds entry in to the state and successfully banned GM in the state.

She was instrumental in collection of indigenous seeds that is to be shown in the planet diversity conference.

Determination helps in her successDetermination helps in her successDetermination helps in her successDetermination helps in her success

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