Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

Thursday. 15 May


Introduction to the day

Vandana Shiva: Food security, food sovereignty and climate change

Audio File (mp3, 14 MB, English)

Background: The Manifesto on Climate Change and Food Security (pdf) by the International Commission in the Future of Food


Diversity and Climate Change

Hartmut Graßl: How to reduce agriculture's global warming impact

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Eric Holt-Giménez: Food First - campesinos, agro fuels and sustainability

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Strategies for a Diverse Future

Representatives from movements to be decided, among them:

Mamadou Goita, Mali: The small farmers' agenda

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Guy Kastler, France: The seed agenda

Audio File (mp3, 3 MB, French)   Speech (pdf, 10 KB, French)

P.V. Sateesh, India: The GMO agenda

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Diverse Women: The women agenda

Audio File (mp3): in English part 1   English part 2   English part 3
in French    in German    in Spanish part 1   Spanish part 2

PDF: Read the Statement

Video (youtube):  Part 1  Part 2

Eric Holt-Giménez, USA: the Agrofuel Agenda

Audio FIle (mp3, 3 MB, English)

Florianne Koechlin, Switzerland: Planet Diversity Demands

Audio File (mp3): speech in English (400 KB)   speech in German (850 KB)

Demands (pdf, 9 KB, English)

Christine von Weizäcker, Germany: Statement on MOP4 negotiations

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Michiyo Koketsu, Japan: Presentation and endorsement of a Planet Diversity Manifesto

Audio File (mp3, 3 MB, English)    Read the Manifesto

Pipo Lernoud:  Wrap-up poem and take home message

Audio File (mp3, 2 MB, English)   The poem (pdf, 83 KB, English)


Thursday 15 MayJeudi 15 maiDonnerstag, 15. MaiJueves, 15 de mayo

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