Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

Wednesday, 14 May


Introduction to the day

 Günter Altner and Mohamed Habib: The soul of diversity, a trans-religious exercise

Günter Altner

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Mohamed Habib

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Regional self-determination Local, Diverse, GMO-free

Maya Graf, Swiss Parliament & GM morat. initiative Switzerland: GMO-free by democratic vote

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Susanna Cenni, Agriculture Minister of Tuscany, Italy: European GMO-free Regions - a considered choice

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Edenia Montaño Salgado, Zenú Nation, Colombia: No transgenicos on our territory - in defense of sacred food and land

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Dr. Amadou K. Coulibaly, Mali: Africa needs smart technologies, not GMOs

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Dr. Vijayan, Kerala India: Why Kerala is a GMO-free State of India

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Lyudmilla Stebenkova, Moscow-Duma, Russia: GMO-free Moscow

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Shinji Asada, former vice-governor of Hokkaido, Japan: How Hokkaido protects its farmers from GMOs

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Seeds of hope

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Philippines: Indigenous seed development and sharing

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Edith Lammerts van Bueren, The Netherlands: Organic breeding in Europe

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Alejandro Argumedo, Peru: The Andean potato network

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Jacob Nellithanam, India: Community rights and seed sovereignty in Andra Pradesh

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