Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

Tuesday, 13 May


Welcome & introduction to the day

The dream about the world, in which diversity and variety is a value according to which all the people live and where genetically modified organisms have no place, connected the speakers of Planet Diversity during the opening speeches.
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Benedikt Haerlin

'The real dream is that we all get connected in our diversity.'


Christine von Weizsäcker

'To celebrate the otherness of others...'


Annemarie Volling

'Ich wünsche mir für uns viel Mut und Kraft, dass unsere Traum Wirklichkeit wird.'


Siegrid Herbst

'Ich träume von einer gentechnikfreien Welt...'


Vandana Shiva

'The dream I have carried is already fulfilled because there is a new generation ready...'



Dreams of the Participants 'I want to work to create the agriculture in which all people have the kind of food and the kind of life they want to live.' (Dream from Japan)


The Paradigm of Diversity

Parichart Suwanbubbha: The Spirit of Diversity - common and divergent ethical approaches

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Jacob v. Uexkull: Diversity and the right livelihood of future generations

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Michael Ableman: Fields of plenty - a farmers journey to gardens of hope around the globe

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Hans Herren: Diversity and complexity - Small solutions, global visions, common knowledge

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Suprabha Seshan: Take a walk on the wild side - reflecting diversity inside and outside

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Diversity at Work: Food Sovereignty and Small Farmers' Successes

Helmy Abouleish: Greening the desert - an organic success story from Egypt

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Miguel Altieri: Latin American biodiverse farms: an ecological planetary asset

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Paulo Petersen: Exchange of practical experiences in alternative agriculture, locally and globally

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Farida Akther: Village to village, step by step, seed exchange in Bangladesh

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