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10.12.2005 |

French Court acquits GMO protesters

A court in Orleans has acquitted for the first time 49 "faucheurs volontaires" who had destroyed GM maize fields. The judges said the protesters "proved that they committed voluntary acts of damage on the goods of a third party in response to the needs of the situation ... a necessity driven by the uncontrolled release of modified genes that constitutes a real and present danger, and may be a source of undesired contamination and pollution".</p><p><a href="">EuroNews : French court acquits anti-GMO protesters</a></p><p><a href="">Collectif des Faucheurs Volontaires d'OGM (F)</a></p><p><a href="">Nouvelle Observateur: Le tribunal correctionnel d'Orléans relaxe 49 faucheurs d'OGM (F)</a>

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