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06.07.2006 |

Russia: Putin expresses concerns about GMOs

At a Civil Society forum to prepare the G8 summit in St. Petersburg Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed to be "among likeminded people" with regard to the issue of GMOs. He said: "One of the problems we have encountered during our negotiations on joining the World Trade Organisation is that we are being forced to renounce what I see as our right to inform our own public about products manufactured using genetic engineering. Some countries have made it one of their main demands that we stop informing our public about genetically modified products. You can guess which countries I am referring to. But we will insist on using the standards that the NGOs are proposing." The NGOs had proposed a moratorium on releases of GMOs and demanded full transparency.</p><p><a href="">Transcript of Vladimir Putins elaborations at the G8 Civil Society summit</a></p><p><a href="">GMO-Recommendations of the G8 Civil Society Forum in St. Petersburg 3-4 July 2006</a>

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