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21.03.2007 |

France adopts disputed EU laws on GMO crop growing

The french government has issued two decrees to bring its legislation in line with EU directive 2001/18 under pressure of pednig fines. The implementation is overdue since 2004.

20.03.2007 |

Bulgarian law remains strict

"Only if the European Commission comes up with a explicit position about policy change we will consider this issue," said the chairman of Bulgarian Parliaments Environment Committee, George Bozhinov. Under pressure from industry the Committee had discussed whether to uphold the GMO law, which is stricter than EU legislation and prohibits the release of a number of GM plant varieties. It also sets buffer zones of 30 kilometer around protected areas.

15.03.2007 |

Hungerstrike for a GMO moratorium in France

As in France up to 30.000 hectares of GM maize might be planted this spring season, the "Apell d"Orleans" calls for a moratorium on GM planting, especially Monsanto"s Mon810 maize. Several activists have startet a hungerstrike on March 10th, reacting to French government decree.

12.03.2007 |

No jobs from GM crops

Environmentally-friendly farming will create more jobs and make the EU more competitive than if it grows genetically modified (GM) crops, shows new research published by Friends of the Earth Europe.

08.03.2007 |

Biofuels: An Advisable Strategy?

Biofuels have been an increasingly hot topic on the discussion table in the last few years. The main argument behind the policies in favour of biofuels is based on the idea that biofuels would not increase the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. However, a more careful analysis of the life cycle of biodiesel reveals that the energy (and CO2) savings is not so high as expected. It might even be negative.

06.03.2007 |

USDA bans contaminated rice variety

The U.S. Agriculture Department ordered seed dealers not to sell BASF"s "Clearfield" rice as it"s seeds are contaminated with Bayer"s illegal GM Rice LL 601. At the same time preliminary approval was given to grow a GM rice variety that contains human genes.

02.03.2007 |

Coexistence or Contradiction

A scientific analysis of the contradicting approaches and agricultural paradigms of European and national legislators, industry and GMO free Regions and movements on the issue of GM contamination and coexistence between GM and non-GM agriculture.

02.03.2007 |

Russia joins the battle over GM products

On July 1, the city of Moscow will introduce a voluntary system of food labels indicating that a product does not contain genetically modified ingredients. The city duma has declared Moscow a "gmo free region" and more Russian regions are expected to follow.

20.02.2007 |

EU ministers uphold Hungarians ban on Monsantos GM maize

With a two third majority EU environment ministers slapped down an attempt of the EU Commission to order Hungary to lift its ban on Monsanto"s GMO maize "Mon810", delivering a third stinging rebuff to the European Commission.

20.02.2007 |

Coexistence in the Nordic countries

A 46 page report by the Nordic Council of Ministers describes and compares regulations of coexistence between genetically modified (GM), conventional and organic crops in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.


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