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28.03.2007 |

New GMO-free region in Romania

Forteen villages in the Cluj county (the Huedin region) followed the example of their Bihor county neighbors and declared this region GMO-Free. The localities include the small town of Huedin and 13 villages, while the Bihor GMO-free zone includes two towns and 24 villages.

27.03.2007 |

EU authorises GMO rapeseed for import

The European Union authorised German drugs and chemicals group Bayer on Monday to market various genetically modified (GMO) rapeseed types for use in animal feed, for rapeseed types Ms8, Rf3 and hybrids of these two -- all engineered to resist the glufosinate-ammonium herbicide.

26.03.2007 |

EFSAs Mon 863 maize assessment to take several weeks

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will examine the recently published CRIIGEN study on genetically modified maize MON 863, which showed health effects on rats. It will take the EFSA several weeks to consult with member states authorities and see whether it has any consequences for the authority"s existing positive opinion on the safety of Monsanto"s transgenic maize.

24.03.2007 |

Authorisation of five GM plants withdrawn

Five GM varieties, approved by the European Union during the mid 90ies have been withdrawn from the list of authorized GMOs by the EU Commission. However, traces of these genetically engineered oilseed rape and maize varities are still allowed in food for another 5 years.

23.03.2007 |

France adopts disputed EU laws on GMO crop growing

France said on Tuesday it had brought its national legislation into line with European Union laws on growing genetically modified (GMO) crops, hoping to end a legal battle with Europe’s top court. The French farm ministry said in a statement it was publishing in the official journal the two main decrees converting into French law the European directive on GMO commercial and experimental crops. The directive, agreed by EU governments in 2001, regulates how GMO crops may be grown and approved across the bloc.

23.03.2007 |

The Bulgarian GMO law remains restrictive

”There is no necessity of amendments in GMO Law at this point”. This was the conclusion reached on an informal meeting by representatives of the Parliamentarian Environmental Committee, the Minister of environment and his political cabinet. The Bulgarian law is not in conflict with the European legislation, it is even more restrictive. Only if the European Commission comes up with a explicit position about policy change we will consider this issue. Until now the regulations did not cause serious contradictions with the practice, said George Bozhinov, Chair of the standing committee on environment.

21.03.2007 |

Romania’s GMO dilemma: who to side with - corporations or the EU?

Romania had banned GM soybean growing as a result of it"s accession to the European Union. Now large scale "testing" of Monsanto"s beans have been approved as well as tests of GM plum trees and a diversity of GM maize varieties. Has the environment ministry GMOs in Romania under control?

21.03.2007 |

France adopts disputed EU laws on GMO crop growing

The french government has issued two decrees to bring its legislation in line with EU directive 2001/18 under pressure of pednig fines. The implementation is overdue since 2004.

20.03.2007 |

Bulgarian law remains strict

"Only if the European Commission comes up with a explicit position about policy change we will consider this issue," said the chairman of Bulgarian Parliaments Environment Committee, George Bozhinov. Under pressure from industry the Committee had discussed whether to uphold the GMO law, which is stricter than EU legislation and prohibits the release of a number of GM plant varieties. It also sets buffer zones of 30 kilometer around protected areas.

15.03.2007 |

Hungerstrike for a GMO moratorium in France

As in France up to 30.000 hectares of GM maize might be planted this spring season, the "Apell d"Orleans" calls for a moratorium on GM planting, especially Monsanto"s Mon810 maize. Several activists have startet a hungerstrike on March 10th, reacting to French government decree.


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