Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture



Africa is vast, colourful and diverse and the African pavilion at the Festival of Diversity could only offer a few examples of that tremendous diversity. The following exhibitors, however, promised an interesting afternoon full of politics, culture and, of course, food. Several participants of the Planet Diversity Congress presented their work, e.g. their concerns and efforts for sustainable agriculture and food security.

The following organisations were present: Ligue pour la defense des consommateurs au Benin, Benin, Synergie paysanne, Benin, RESACIFROAT, Burkina Faso, Amis de la Terre, Togo, Arbre de Vie, Cameroon, PELUM, Kenya, The artist Sibylle Wiegand-Maïga showed paintings and postcards with African motifs, Dr. Diallo, who was born in Guinea but who is now living in Germany, presented his solar cooker, The caterer Baobab Party Service and others prepared some culinary treats typical of East and West Africa.

Above all, the African pavilion offered space and opportunities for meeting other interested people and the participants of the Congress, for discussions or simply having a great time in African ambience. 


Organisations and individuals that were present: Andheri-Hilfe, India & Germany, Shanti Leprahilfe, Nepal & Germany, terre-des-hommes, Germany, Horlemann-Verlag, Germany, Lembaga Studi Kesehatan (Lessan), Indonesia, German Studies Center Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia, SATU e.V., Indonesia & Germany, ANTHRA, India, Green Foundation, India, Ursula Maria Pfund, Germany, John George, India, Wayang- Projekt with H. Bayu Aji & D. Ferber, Indonesia and Gene Campaign, India.


Latin America

Organisations and individuals that were present: Grupo Semillas, Colombia, Salvamedos a la Laguna Biahuido, Mexico, Asociación Savia Andina Pukara (ASAP), Peru, Movimiento de Agricultura Orgánica Costarricense (MAOCO), Costa Rica, La Tienda Latina, Germany, Greenpeace, Germany, Terre-des-Hommes, Germany, Asociación ANDES, Peru, GOURVEINE, Germany, Javier Ramos, Friends of the Earth International


GMO-free Regions

Children's spot

Children were offered to paint during Planet Diversity Festival. They were asked: What does your planet look like? Have a look at the result!
Action was organised by Laura Sevilla San Miguel, an artist, together with Beatriz Olbert.
Pictures: Lena Horlemann & Laura Sevilla San Miguel



The International Year of the Potato 2008 was celebrated with an extensive exhibition on the exceptional diversity of this plant.


Local Organising Committee