Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

The Festival of Diversity

From 2 p.m. until late in the evening we celebrated the Festival of Diversity on the banks of the Rhine

A holiday of sense and the senses – diversity has thousands of faces, tastes, drinks, traditions, songs and treats. We invited professional and amateur farmers and gardeners, seed producers and propagators, chefs and food producers to present the diversity of their products, varieties and plants to be seen and smelled, shared and tasted. It was a great Festival of Diversity, to which we invited the people and families of Bonn, Cologne and surrounding areas as well as all friends from Europe and the world. With theatre, music, animals, plants, seeds, actions, dance and music, videos, presentations of all kinds and thematic pavilions we celebrated the diversity of life. See the Pavilions' programm and the Supporting Organisations

Have a look at the program:


Greeting from the Mayor Hauschild and speech from the Bolivian Ambassador Walter Prudencio Magnet Veliz

Speech: Georg Jansen (AbL)

Discussion Agrobiodiv: Cathy Rutivi, Ushakumari Jayakumar, María Isabel Manzur, Moderation: Ute Sprenger 

Speech: Miguel Altieri

Dirk C. Fleck: „Das Tahiti-Projekt“(Roman); Reading and Discussion about an alternative economy

Dance & Percussions

Mama Afrika (percussion group)

Tentekko - Japanese Drummers

andine mask dance

Kantuta (dance)

Capoeira (Brazilian dance)

Tahitian dancer

Kathrin Bechtloff: African Rythms and African Dance

Gong, view


Einstürzende Heuschober (folk music)

Cosmonautix (band)

Popmotor (band)

Die neuen Barden (band)

Linko Matique

Hautnah (band)

Paul Montmorensy (singer)

Max Sharam (singer)

Concert: Die neuen Barden: Songs against GMOs

Marjanne Behrens (vocalist)

Haste Töne (choir)

Manduco (music from Colombia)



Gregor Lawatsch:  Kabarett: Programm: „Friss mich, bitte friss mich!“ Ein Mann mutiert zum Schwein (see picture)

Poetry from Marlene Stamerjohanns

Clown Ninio: Clown against GMOs

MalKlang-Performance from Malwerkstatt Bonn

Gregor Lawatsch (cabaret)

Dorle Färber with Feen-Schreien

SATU e.V.: Seeds tale « The Knot » with performers from Indonesia


Film from Marina Meneses from Mexiko on the cultural meaning of Tortilla

Film: „Mit Gift und Genen“; on Monsanto; discussion with Film-maker Monique Robin, Vandana Shiva and guests.

Film from „Zukunft säen“, Switzerland, Seeds Action in Switzerland against GMOs


Local Organising Committee