Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

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Wednesday, 14 May

Via Campesina – Brazilian Landless Workers against Syngenta:
Presentation, Speech, Vieira Gentil Couto

Beekeeping, GMOs and Agrofuels, Germany:
Presentation, Walter Haefeker

Sowing Future – Action in Switzerland:
Presentation, Text, Video, Guiseppina Pagano

GMO free Macedonia:
Presentation, Nenad Kocic

GMO free Uckermark, Germany:
Presentation, Martin v. Haaren

Genetic Modified Oilseed rape in Japan:
Presentation   Speech, Ryoko Shimizu

Campaign for “Seeds of Identity” in Nicaragua:
Presentation   Speech, Jorge Iran Vasquez

Indigenous women’s action in Orissa, India:
Introduction, Presentation, Rambati Pujari

Seed Saving Initative, Germany,
Siegrid Herbst

Organic Agriculture in Senegal:
Presentation, Text, Abdoulaye Sarr

Combatting Malaria by Artemisia:
Presentation   Speech, Heinrich Kuhn

9000 kilometers with 2 black horses and a coach against GMOs:
Presentation, Speech, Markus and Maria Schlegel

A Letter to the Australian Government to reject GMO. Call for Support to the Audience:
, Maggie Lilith


9.45 – 11.45

Thursday, 15 May

Seed Saving in Karnataka:
Introduction, Presentation, Speech, India, Vanaja Ramprasad

Subsistence Agriculture between Criminalisation and Feminisation:
Presentation, Speech, Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen, Germany, Poland and Ethiopia

Indigenous Maize Varieties in Mexico:
Introduction, Presentation
Marina Meneses, Hannelore Campino

Small-Scale Farmers in Senegal:
Presentation, Jörg John

Ecosystem Gardening in the Western Ghats of India:
Presentation, Supraba Seshan

Education and Cultural Biodiversity in Ethiopia:
Presentation, Million Belay

Gross National Happiness – Realizing Buddhist Economy:
Presentation, Hans van Willenswaard, Thailand

Combatting Desertification by Organic Agriculture in Azerbeidjan:
Presentation, Sevenj Mammadova

Peasants’ Seed Saving in Senegal:
Présentation, Lamine Biaye

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