Planet Diversity World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

On-farm and in-garden seed conservation

Best practices and education for peasant plant-improvement

Organisers: Peter Zipser, Arche Noah, Austria and Bernd Horneburg, Dreschflegel, Germany

Vandana Shiva, Navdanya, India
Bela Bartha, Switzerland; Pro Specie Rara
Vanaja Ramprasad, Green Conserve, India
Donna Takitimu, Koanga Institute, New Zealand
Lamine Biaye, ASPSP, Senegal
Debal Deb, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies
Bernd Horneburg, University of Goettingen, Dreschflegel, Kultursaat, Germany,  
Peter Zipser, Arche Noah, Austria

By presenting a few "best-practice"-examples from countries of the southern and the northern hemisphere and by taking a look on the underlying concepts we will try to work out the most important factors for success as well as the main obstacles, when carrying out on farm-conservation of plant genetic resources (PGR). We want to deal with the themes listed below.
We will not be able to stay together as a group for many hours. Thus, the main task of our workshop will be to create contacts for the future. Getting to know each others work and a personal contact can foster exchange and co-operation despite the vast distances that separate most of us.
In a summary of the workshop, we hope to present some models for the successful implementation of on-farm and in-garden conservation. We want to define milestones for future work towards our visions.
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1) Definition and concepts for on-farm seed conservation
Where are the differences and where are the overlappings of on-farm /in garden-conservation in the countries of the South and of the North?
Different approaches when growing PGR for selfsupply or for the market?
Differences between on-farm and in-garden conservation?
Criteria for the re-introduction of PGR in agricultural systems.
Who should co-ordinate on-farm conservation activities?
On-farm management and monitoring-systems for crop conservation.
Concepts for crop conservation vs. concepts for plant improvement.
Different approaches of the re-introduction of PGR (scientific models vs. NGO- and farm-orientated models).

2) Education
How to safeguard and how to improve the traditional knowledge for peasant plant-breeding.
How to develop and organize training-courses for crop conservation and plant-improvement.
How to involve professional plantbreeding-sciences into on-farm conservation and peasant plant breading ("participatory plant breeding")

3) The use of plant genetic resources as cash crop and for self supply
Current social trends for the successful marketing of PGR. Evaluation of their commercial chances.
Remunerations for on-farm conservation of PGR (arguments, practical examples).
Successful marketing strategies for seeds and products of PGR.

4) Current legal obstacles and necessary frameworks for implementing on-farm conservation successfully
This topic will be discussed on Thursday in the wokshop "Community commons, private control and public domain "

We established a permanent working group on our topic. If you want to join in, please contact
Peter Zipser, Arche Noah, Austria, peter.zipser@arche-noah[dot]at ;
Helena Sanchez Giraldes, Heritage Seed Library, England,[dot]uk or
Bernd Horneburg, University of Göttingen, Germany, bhorneb@gwdg[dot]de

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