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Stories of Diversity

Planet Diversity is about cooperation, mutual support, and learning from each other. It is about understanding and respecting the richness and complexity of our own diversity. Probably the best way to accomplish this is through story-telling. If you have a story to tell please send it to using this Story Form.

We are also collecting translations of "Planet Diversity"


Biodiversity and Rooibos by Noel Oettlé, South Africa

Farmers cross the borders by Doudou Sow, Senegal & Remi Schiffeleers, Belgium

From compost to Chimoorfai, Rosemary C. Ngoma

Il Etait une Fois Le Pays Des Hommes Integres by Sankara Blandine, Burkina Faso

Ingenious Maasai farmer innovates to save water

Karavane der Hoffnung von Rüdiger Nehberg

Lessons from the soil by Dan Taylor

Local people rally to conserve a threatened vegetable by Wirsiy Eric Fondzenyuy, Cameroon

Out of Africa - from a nation ‘in crisis and hope’  by Cathy Rutivi, Zimbabwe

Quelle est la situation des Agrocarburants en Afrique de l’Ouest? Christophe Gandonou

Stealing South Africa's secrets Yolandi Groenewald

Wunderinsel Madagaskar von Andrea Fleischhauer, Thora Amend & Stefanie Eissing


A tribute to my mother by Nanditha Ram, india

Determination helps in her success by Rambati Pujari, India

From old Armenian biodiversity by Lusine Nalbandyan

Journey of a tribal leader by Hansda Janani, India

My Story - Save me by Preeti Elhence

Money and Rice - A folktale of the Pgaz K’Nyau (Cgauz Karen)

Rainwater harvesting by Preeti Elhence, India

Rural Women For Change by Lok Sanjh Foundation, Pakistan

Selvi's story by N. Selvi, India

Successful Conservation of indigenous cattle breeds in Gaushala - D K Sadana, India

The gift of a vine by Mohammad Naser Jami, Afghanistan

The Guardian of Mount Merapi / Der Wächter des Merapi by Sunarja, Indonesia

The Rice Spirit - a folktale of the Kroeng and Tompoun peoples of Cambodia

The story of CIS by Debal Deb, India

To migrate or not to migrate as told by Rajendran to Shiny Rehel, India

Towards organic farming in India by Nidhi Kaushik

Was bleibt wenn das Wasser geht? by Tobias Leiber, Jordanien

Wayang, traditional indonesian puppets by Herlambang Bayu Aji

Work of a Shaman by Sigit Indra, Indonesia

век живи- век учись by Артур Вахитов (Artur Vakhitov)


Kununurra oder wo man Melonen im Winter erntet von Ulrich von Bonin, Australien


Die Vielfalt der Erde von Katja Baumgärtner

Die Entzauberung der Langsamkeit

Gedicht von Marion Albrecht

Gedichte von Dorothee Mayer-Tasch

Gentechniker und Biopiraten von Rudolf Buntzel und Michael Frein, Germany

Nutzvereinigung im Dorf Chlim von Claudia Altmann, Germany

Planet Diversity begins with the diversity of our landscapes and culture by Mykhaylo Kapshtyk, Ukraine

Streuobstwiese - die Vielfalt sehen und kosten von Karin Adolph, WECF e. V., Germany

The CCP Corporate Corn Protectors - or how to get a terrorist (Portugal) by Silvia Hable

Two black horses and a carriage touring Europe, by Maria and Markus Schlegel, Germany

Vielfalt heißt nicht einfach viel von Regine Maass

Vielfalt – Leben mit meinem Naturgarten von Cornelia Bauer

North America

Interview mit Percy Schmeiser

Local food for every one by Laura Dowd, USA

The Corn Maiden - Iroquois Indian legend


We have started a joint video playlist on key topics of  "Planet Diversity". So far we have collected about 50 interviews, documentaries and short films in several languages on food production, biodiversity, agro-fuels, genetic engineering, consumer issues, gardening, indigenous knowledge, organic food, patents on life, science, seeds...

Go to the playlist and click on the name of the topic to see the list of videos.

If you have additional videos you want to share, please send us an email.

Example: Highlights on GMO issue

If you click on the "Play" logo, the first movie on GMOs will start. If nothing appears, click here. By clicking on "Menu" at the bottom of the screen, you can see an overview.

From the last Conference on Biological Diversity and Biosafety in March 2006 in Curitiba, Brazil


Videos and interviews produced by the Protestant Church Development Service, EED here

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