Planet Diversity - The Conference:

More than 700 people from 100 nations gathered for three days during the UN-Convention on Biodiversity and  the Biosafety Protocol negotiations in Bonn, Germany, in May 2008. They discussed how farmers, consumers, food producers and their communities can cooperate. Read More

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Demonstration and Festival

We called upon the friends and guardians of diversity on this planet to join us in celebrating the natural and cultural diversity of life in food and agriculture. 6000 joined the demonstration for local diversity and against genetic engineering in agriculture and 15 000 gathered at the Festival of Diversity. A global movement from different directions came together for the common cause of defending diversity against destructive and threatening tendencies in agriculture, rural development and food production.

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Planet Diversity is about cooperation, mutual support, and learning from each other. It is about understanding and respecting the richness and complexity of our own diversity. Probably the best way to accomplish this is through story-telling.

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A Poem of Planet Diversity

We invite you to read the wonderful poem which Pipo Lernoud presented as his conclusion of the event:

I have been asked to wrap up the presentations and discussions that we have had during this wonderful three days. But we received so much information, such rich concepts, so many different experiences were seen, that a synthesis would not only be impossible, it would be irrespectful from my side.
As it has been shown here over the days that we spent together,  diversity is about richness, deepness, detail. Regulators usually say the devil is in the details, but I would rather say that in life and in nature is God who is in the details. The magnificence of this planet and its ecosystem is shown in each and every grain of soil, in each flower, each seed, each butterfly.
That is why we are fans of diversity. We are crazy about the beauty of all the lives that surround us and sustain us. There are so many languages, so many dances, so many songs, so many birds, so many foods, so many seeds…

Why not spend our life defending that richness, the only real heritage that we can leave to the next generations?

And there´s so much to learn, so much to discover, so much to share…
We have to learn how to read the landscape
As the rabbit does, or the red chested robin standing on a bare autumm acacia branch
Looking for signs from nature that for him are as clear as neon billboards and we don´t even know how to understand

The wind moves softly and sways the tree tops
The robin just moves further down the branch and lets his feathers shuffle in the morning air

Are we here?
Are we part of this?

Our brain, resulting from neuronal connections and electrical impulses
Travels far from here, to our jobs and occupations, problems and ambitions troubling us all
But we are in the present, that is the only reality
And the birds take it for granted, they live permanently in the present.

Suddendly, a big eucaliptus branch falls crashing and ends with a reounding noise in the yellow leaves on the floor.

Everything becomes silent
Everything is in complete attention
Everything seems to be in its place.

Precisely here:
The smell of the forest
The creeping leaves
The sunlight creating clear patches between the bushes
A silent moment
A timeless moment

Red skin, dark skin, white skin,
Seed and stamen and all the unamed lives that live

We are all here
We are all one
We belong to this
We are being run through by life,
We are all part of the sacred web.

Trembling, we recognize the fact that we are a part of this inmense organism.

We are part of the flow
In a dance we don´t quite understand
But we can feel it
Because it is happenning right now
In my heart pounding
In your heart pounding

Your blood washing and nourishing your cells
Like the sap on the trees
The rivers coming down from the mountains
the winds on the planet.
All together
Being in the cathedral of nature
Vibrating, full of wonders.


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