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06.07.2011 |

Consumer rights victory as US ends opposition to GM labelling guidelines

Consumers International and its member organisations celebrated victory today as regulators from more than 100 countries agreed on long overdue guidance on the labelling of genetically modified food. The Codex Alimentarius Commission, made up of the world’s food safety regulatory agencies, has been labouring for two decades to come up with consensus guidance on this topic. In a striking reversal of their previous position, on Tuesday, during the annual Codex summit in Geneva, the US delegation dropped its opposition to the GM labelling guidance document, allowing it to move forward and become an official Codex text.

15.06.2011 |

Illegal GM rice spreads and prompts debate in China

Genetically modified rice has been spreading illegally for years in China, officials have admitted, triggering a debate on a sensitive aspect of the food security plan in the world’s most populous nation. [...] In January, the agriculture ministry said ”no genetically modified cereals are being grown in China” outside the test sites. But in April, an environment ministry official told the weekly Nanfang Zhoumo that a joint investigation by four government departments had found that ”illegal GM seeds are present in several provinces because of weak management”.

11.11.2010 |

Thüringen erklärt sich zur gentechnikfreien Region und tritt europäischem Netzwerk bei

Thüringens Sozialministerin Heike Taubert (SPD) hat den Beitritt Thüringens zum „Europäischen Netzwerk gentechnikfreier Regionen“ bekanntgegeben. Auf der 8. Konferenz des Netzwerkes am 23. November in Wien wird der Freistaat die "Charta gentechnikfreier Regionen" unterzeichnen. Damit ist Thüringen als einziges deutsches Bundesland im europäischen Netzwerk vertreten. Mit ihrem Beschluss entspricht die Landesregierung dem Willen der Mehrheit der Thüringer Bevölkerung.

27.10.2010 |

Carrefour launches 'non-GM' label

French retailer CARREFOUR has launched a new label "Nourri sans OGM" ("fed without GMOs"), which will be displayed on 300 different animal-based products, including pork, veal, poultry, eggs and farmed fish.

The company said studies found 63% of customers would stop consuming food products if they knew the products came from animals fed with GMOs.

15.10.2010 |

John Dalli
John Dalli

Council discussion on GMO proposal with Dalli on video

The environment council discussion about the EU Commissions proposal to change the GMO legislation allowing member states to take national decisions on the issue of GMO cultivation is video recorded at:〈=EN

You can click on the positions of each member state and select a language they are translated to.

08.10.2010 |

Commission proposes 0,1% unapproved GMOs in feed imports

Eu Commissioner John Dalli proposes to accept in feed imports to the EU up to 0,1% of GMOs, which have not been approved in the Union. For food imports a zero tolerance was to remain in place. The proposal has been criticised by exporting countries as well as environmental watchdogs within the EU.

07.10.2010 |

Over 1 million signatures for EU GMO moratorium

Greenpeace and Avaaz have announced that over 1 million EU citizens have signed their European Citizens Initiative for a gmo free Europe and requested a formal hand over to Commission president Manuel Barroso.

06.10.2010 |

France and Poland join challenge against Commission decision to authorise antibiotic-resistance GM potato

A growing number of European countries are challenging the European Commission’s decision to authorise the cultivation of BASF’s antibiotic-resistance genetically modified (GM) potato, said Greenpeace. France and Poland have announced that they are joining Hungary, Austria and Luxembourg in a legal challenge to the European Court of Justice.

05.10.2010 |

Italy regions push minister for official GM ban

Italy's regional farming heads agreed unanimously on Thursday to urge the agriculture minister to ban cultivation of genetically modified maize and potatoes, their coordinator on GM policy told Reuters. Italy has de facto banned cultivation of GM crops pending approval of rules on their co-existence with traditional crops. Public opinion in the country is strongly opposed to GM crops, which are seen as less healthy.

28.09.2010 |

EU’s big states confirm opposition to Brussels’ GM crop plans

At a meeting of EU farm ministers in Brussels on Monday, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain all expressed grave doubts over the viability of the plan, and questioned its conformity with the bloc’s internal market rules. ”I don’t think that we can expect a compromise or a consensus over the next couple of months -- a great deal more work is going to have to be done,” Belgian agriculture minister Sabine Laruelle, who chaired the meeting, said afterwards.


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